Zona Zamfirova 2

Come Back Zona


Come Back Zona  - Life is a fairy tale! The love between Zona Zamfirova and silversmith Mane succeeded to beat all unimaginable class differences in patriarchal Nis. After the wedding the gossip calmed down and Zona and Mane enjoyed their marriage filled with love and passion. But ... By keeping its eyes on Zona and Mane the Bazaar is always ready to make everything in their lives complicated, especially now when Zona is more beautiful and happier than ever and Mane who is enjoying the marriage with his beloved wife.


As in a fairy tale, the protagonists of Come Back Zona are facing a number of obstacles that must be overcome and the antagonists who they must defeat to achieve their emotional and material goals. They occasionally complement and confront each other bringing our main characters in a series of dramatic situations with an uncertain outcome. Our main characters have to make choices and choose between different paths that lead them to their desired goals. Slowly, they evolve and learn to recognize their own priorities. The dramatic development of the story  introduces the elements of a comedy in this romantic and melodramatic story of the early 20th century.



Brankica Sebastijanovic

Brankica Sebastijanovic


Milan Vasic

Milan Vasic



Ljiljana Stjepanovic



Marina Cosic

Hadzi Jordan


Milan Lane Gutovic

Lepi Perica


Milan Kalinic



Nela Mihailovic

Hadzi Zamfir


Nikola Ristanovski

Come back Zone – Zona Zamfirova 2

The long awaited sequel of the Serbian blockbuster Zona Zamfirova

Zona Zamfirova was the most successful film of all time with more than 1.2 million admissions in cinemas

In cinemas from end of January 2017